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Artist Collaborators

Meet our family of artist collaborators

Lisa VINCENTI: Creator, Curator & maker

Lisa Vincenti has been concocting and creating since childhood. Her Sensory Revolution line of organic body care reflects this, offering therapeutic and whimsical tools for healthy pleasure and personal evolution. Educator, activist, artist, seeker, and practitioner of common sense that promotes life, liberty and the pursuit of response-able happiness, Lisa realizes we are designed to be healthy humans, and envisions a world more plentiful with people expressing that satisfaction. Her work always embodies this passion, with the goal of inciting it in others. Come to your senses :)

Learn more about Lisa’s holistic bodywork practice @ Interactive Bodywork.


diego gómez: packaging co-creator


Diego Gómez is a native San Franciscan-Chicano who enjoys writing and drawing comic books, travel, oil painting, and glittering (but not littering!). Beyond Sensory Revolution, Gómez's repertoire includes graphic design work for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation,  fashion illustrations for the De Young Museum,  handcrafted dresses, accessories & makeup looks for some of the top drag queens in San Francisco, and performance art.

Learn more about Diego's work @





nicolas salazar: Production lead

Coming soon


Roman boryslawski: commerce

Coming soon