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tools for humanity

Purrs, Permissions & Surrender

Sensory Revolution

I've been giving myself yet another level of permission these days, to extend beyond the extensive trainings of my motherland and care for myself with the same kindness I extend and appreciate being extended. Some of this care has been about less extending, and some has been about extending more. As always.

It seems clear many avoid this process because it reveals the underbelly. Missing out on that... Think about the dogs and cats who luuuuuuuuvvv da belleh rubs... Recall their utter languish and realize the trust they offer, with the atypical American response of just giving permission over to an only-moments-before stranger, with the innocence of a child and the confidence of a hero. Yum. 

Now back to the humans: 

How many recall being trained to never trust a stranger? To never trust a family member, or even to believe in friends? To believe lies are integral to survival and a staple in flow management? How many recall explicitly learning it was wise to worry whenever vulnerable?

Now back to the beloved pets...

The beloved pets...

The beloved...

Not us. And totally us.

Within a sacred space and by that I mean f*ck yeah you will I will hold space for rejuvenation and coming Home to Our Selves and use it well positively intending to live and live well with others...

Within the confines of a Home I seek refuge and make it too. I am both nest and egg, baby and parent birds... 

Home is sanctuary. Body is Home.

A Nervous Perspective

Lisa Vincenti

8-a nervous perspective

Information Abounds

Our bodies and minds are constantly creating in present life, collecting information about what's new and adjusting as needed to maintain our health and well-being. Sometimes everything works so well we take it for granted; sometimes information doesn't get through clearly, like when muscles are tense, we're emotionally depressed, or there's an equipment failure like when our sensory receptors are damaged in a scar or injury. Sometimes there's even a data conflict, like when our eyes see yummy cake and our nose smells nasty garbage. Our brains must then determine if that smell is related to the cake or not. To find out, problem-solving is essential.

Do you do the detective work to collect and decipher the messages? Sometimes 30 seconds of investigation, collecting additional necessary data to understand the situation is all it takes. Don't give up! It brings new meaning to, 'why just have your cake when you can eat it too?'

Conductivity & Coordination

So the nervous system controls the collection and interpretation of data. That means that we are electrically wired, or energetic. The better tuned our overt receptors (the five senses + perception), the greater our chances of relating effectively with our environment. Furthermore, the better wired we are to our spinal chord (the super highway), and finally our brain (the control center), where gazillions of calculations are performed with the messages from our senses, the better chance we have of understanding our environment. Finally, whether or not we have sound problem-solving and project management skills determines whether or not we take appropriate actions based on the messages (make good choices).

Integrated Sensing

Think about how much coordination and chit chat must go on between Brain and the many bits of Body associated with:

  • Pouring a perfect cup of coffee
  • Brushing your teeth (don't forget the back ones)
  • Creating a unique bouquet of flowers
  • Riding a bicycle or driving a car
  • Giving a hug personalized just for him or her

Whew! How do we do it? Actually, just the mechanics of breathing alone is mind boggling... What an amazing design.

4-Step Meditative Breathing Attunes You...

Lisa Vincenti


Nurturing yourself throughout the day with meditative breathing. Exercise your senses, your muscles, your muscle-bone connections and your mind-body awareness while soothing your psyche. Here's a 4-step method for achieving results:


  • Fill the torso balloon
  • Fully
  • Pelvic floor to Jaw


  • With breath held
  • Actively create space between joints 
  • Creatively even out tensions where the balloon does not feel smooth
  • Sense around for muscles that do not need to participate and relax them
  • "Listen" for sensory feedback and gently investigate
  • Feel the expansion deepen


  • Set the exhale to the power of gravity
  • Release by giving the task to the 24/7 force
  • Feel how it stacks you as the spaces deflate
  • Rapidly, like how air escapes from a balloon
  • Let it work for you

NOTICE  > > > >

  • Experience the sensations only available in emptiness and
  • Psychosomatically (mentally-physically) prepare for the next delicious expansion

^- ^- ^- ^- ^-  REPEAT  -^ -^ -^ -^ -^

If you're not a "meditator", don't let that word trip you up. Everybody meditates. Some think and feel more clearly while driving, or during physical exertion. For others it's while doing doing repetitive tasks like washing the dishes, crafting, drawing or cooking. Some are excellent and staring at the ceiling and daydreaming. Whatever your existing methods, being a good breather is one of the smartest investments you can make, and increases your global satisfaction quotient. Words synonymous with mediation =

  • contemplation
  • consideration
  • musing
  • reflection
  • prayer
  • rumination
  • reverie

The key is to develop a strong mind that lives within an activated body. The mind must be able to disconnect from attaching judgment to everything... When we allow ripening to be part of the process, life works better and we reap better harvests, whether that be deeper relaxation, deeper concentration, or deeper relations.

Need more motivation? Ask a question in comments.