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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Our core values are philanthropically centered. When everything is connected, and gratitude is the outcome of inspired living,  giving back is part of the process and a reflection of our commitment to interdependence.

Our Commitment In the New Launch

    Year 1 = 1% of all online sales

    Year 2 = 2% of all online sales

    Year 3 and beyond = 3% of all online sales

Community Collaboration

Let’s collectively select a charitable recipient. That means we’re in this together. Help us select who your dollars support. Annually, we will survey you to capture suggestions and narrow the list. You get to suggest, and vote. The process is complete with you; together we make a difference.

Types of Giving

Target groups for giving:

  •  Nature
  •  Education
  •  Health

Participation to come! Check back before the new year for your chance to vote…