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Great efforts have been achieved to bring you beautiful, ecologically responsible packaging. We’ve made paper garbage gorgeous!

Here are important words to understand that reflect different kind of materials when discussing green packaging:


Recyclable content is able be collected and turned into something else productive. All our product packaging is recyclable.

Global examples: Office paper, glass bottle, and plastic drink bottles are recyclable in most communities.


Recycled materials have been saved from the landfill, oceans and other places humans dump stuff. All of our paper materials are 100% recycled content.

Global examples:

  • Leftover pieces of paper cut away from making books become other recycled papers
  • When yogurt cups become toothbrushes

Post Consumer Waste PCW

PCW materials are pre-used and repurposed into fresh goodness. All of our paper materials are 50-100% post consumer waste content.

Global examples:

Old newspapers, office paper, recycled junk mail, and those yogurt cups mentioned above all become PCW resources for someone else’s production.


Upcycled products are repurposed materials that have escaped the discarded status and have been transformed into something new, useful (or decorative) and possibly even better value than before. Because we use recycled and post consumer waste paper materials for our boxes and labels, they are all upcycled elements.

Global examples:

  • Scrap fabrics can become new pillows, clothes, bags, stuffed toys…
  • Recycled glass can become new jewelry, garden pathway pebbles, melted and reblown glass…
  • Emptied glass jars can become food storage containers, bases for centerpieces, drinking glasses
  • Food scraps can become renourished soil for rockstar produce…
  • Pulp from used paper can become new posters, books, greeting cards, folders, boxes, labels, newspapers, toilet paper, garden seedling cups…
  • Old sweaters can become dresses, mittens, scarves,
  • AND MORE….

Seriously cool and useful stuff is made by conscious artists, crafters, hobbyists and smartypants homemakers. We find it exciting and good for the brain. Please recycle, reuse, repurpose and upcycle… The planet needs our collaboration!