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4-Step Meditative Breathing Attunes You...

Lisa Vincenti


Nurturing yourself throughout the day with meditative breathing. Exercise your senses, your muscles, your muscle-bone connections and your mind-body awareness while soothing your psyche. Here's a 4-step method for achieving results:


  • Fill the torso balloon
  • Fully
  • Pelvic floor to Jaw


  • With breath held
  • Actively create space between joints 
  • Creatively even out tensions where the balloon does not feel smooth
  • Sense around for muscles that do not need to participate and relax them
  • "Listen" for sensory feedback and gently investigate
  • Feel the expansion deepen


  • Set the exhale to the power of gravity
  • Release by giving the task to the 24/7 force
  • Feel how it stacks you as the spaces deflate
  • Rapidly, like how air escapes from a balloon
  • Let it work for you

NOTICE  > > > >

  • Experience the sensations only available in emptiness and
  • Psychosomatically (mentally-physically) prepare for the next delicious expansion

^- ^- ^- ^- ^-  REPEAT  -^ -^ -^ -^ -^

If you're not a "meditator", don't let that word trip you up. Everybody meditates. Some think and feel more clearly while driving, or during physical exertion. For others it's while doing doing repetitive tasks like washing the dishes, crafting, drawing or cooking. Some are excellent and staring at the ceiling and daydreaming. Whatever your existing methods, being a good breather is one of the smartest investments you can make, and increases your global satisfaction quotient. Words synonymous with mediation =

  • contemplation
  • consideration
  • musing
  • reflection
  • prayer
  • rumination
  • reverie

The key is to develop a strong mind that lives within an activated body. The mind must be able to disconnect from attaching judgment to everything... When we allow ripening to be part of the process, life works better and we reap better harvests, whether that be deeper relaxation, deeper concentration, or deeper relations.

Need more motivation? Ask a question in comments.